The Pencil is Mightiest When it is Sharp!

Here we go on the new year with homeschooling! We have started off the new year with a bang and a fabulous set of sharp new pencils. 🙂 Any teachers out there, and homeschooling mamas (or dads!), can probably identify with the difficulty of finding a pencil sharpener that reliably works and does a really good job of getting your pencils sharp without being lopsided or sharpening until the tip actually falls out. I have been through several manual and electric sharpeners but still find myself frustrated. And don’t get me started on the cranky complaining of my little ones when I badger them to get a better pencil and they can’t seem to comply!

Our new pencil sharpener!

Our new pencil sharpener!

I am pleased to announce that I think my problems are over! I have been trying out this fabulous sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies for the past few weeks. It is a manual sharpener but it is far superior to my current options, electric or otherwise.

Beautiful sharp tips!

Beautiful sharp tips!

Here are the pros:

-It is easy and quick to use.

-It sharpens to a perfect tip without breaking.

-The tip is even all the way around.

-It holds the pencil for you!

-It has a bin that is super easy to empty.

-It is less expensive than most electric options.

-It comes in all different colors!

Easy to put in and work for the little ones.

Easy to put in and work for the little ones.

Here are the cons:

-I haven’t found any yet! I just have to see how it will hold up over time but it seems very well made and sturdy so I suspect that it will last very well. (I think this makes the pros list doesn’t it?)

So the short answer is: this is a wonderful pencil sharpener that I will readily recommend!

What shall they write first?

What shall they write first?

I hope all you homeschoolers are having a good start to the year and feel free to share any new tips or tricks that you are trying out.

Peace and health,


*Disclaimer: I received this pencil sharpener for free for the purposes of testing and review but all opinions are completely mine. I will never recommend a product that I don’t love and use in my own home.


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2 Responses to The Pencil is Mightiest When it is Sharp!

  1. Stephen says:

    I may get one of these for my work desk. I still use pencils at work and encounter the problems you described with electric sharpeners, which are a necessity when sharpening 500 for mass testing. For personal desk use I would prefer the manual type you just reviewed.


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