Personal Paradise Tuesday – New Traditions for the Advent Season

My personal paradise!

My personal paradise!

Happy Tuesday Friends! This week’s paradise moment is a fun holiday craft that I did for our family. There are so many meaningful activities that one can do that it is impossible to do them all every year. Of course most of us perform our favorites, and many times these are the same traditions that we grow up with. As a child my family did not do the Jesse Tree tradition. For several years I have wanted to try it with my own children. I felt that it would be a great way to incorporate biblical history with the Christmas traditions. If you don’t know about the Jesse Tree or the advent tradition that is based on it, you can learn a lot from here, but I used this website for the actual practice of it this year.

So after several years of false starts, I finally managed to get the ball rolling! I looked at many options and decided to craft the ornaments out of felt. I figured that the felt would be pretty and fairly easy, and they would hold up relatively well to the ‘love’ they would receive from little hands. 🙂

The shell with water dripping off for John the Baptist

The shell with water dripping off for John the Baptist

To hang the ornaments I had the kiddos go out and find some interesting fallen branches and we put them in a beautiful old blue wine bottle. I am very pleased with the effect!

Our Jesse Tree!

Our Jesse Tree!

The verdict? I love it! They are cute, fun, and we have had a great time reviewing all the stories together. I might not do the Jesse Tree every single year forever, but it is a great tradition worth practicing.

Several of our ornaments

Several of our ornaments

What new activities have you started in your home? Or are there some wonderful favorites you wouldn’t ever give up? Enjoy this next week friends – Love each other and I hope you have fun!

Peace and Health,



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