3 Ways to Make Your Children Feel Special

Welcome Christmas season!

Welcome Christmas season!

Hello friends! I hope you haven’t missed me too much this past week but I am still here and there are even some exciting announcements on the horizon! No spoilers yet, but stay tuned for details. 🙂

Here at the Rising Eden homestead we are enjoying some well deserved play time with great interest-driven activities for the kid’s learning, as well as some great crafty time for me. I really wanted to spend some time this holiday season actually enjoying my favorite little people instead of just gearing up for a holiday race. I have also been thinking about how I can, and do, try to make each of my children feel special and loved.

My little monkey!

My little monkey!

There are so many things you can do to make children feel special. The great thing is that they don’t usually need much. So how do we do it here? Here are 3 little ways that weave through our days.

1. Each child has an animal nickname.

Somehow we often connect with cute, fuzzy animals right? Perhaps that seems silly but with each baby’s birth there seemed to be an animal personality that seemed to fit. So when we are feeling cuddly with our small people we can call them by their own animal name and they know it is only for them. Daddy particularly uses this one. They truly appreciate the uniqueness of it and it gives us another way to bond. (And in case you were wondering, we have a monkey, bunny, moose, kangaroo, and koala!)

Oh those cheeks!

Oh those cheeks!

2. Each child has a “love sign” with Mama.

I’m not really sure how this one started but it just kind of snowballed. 🙂 Each child has a little touch or tweak that silently shows them that I love them. One gets a tug on a lock of hair while another gets a wiggle on his chin, and so on. It’s only for that child. Each one is different and I never mix them up. It is a good way to be able to send them a silent message from across the room too. I just do the sign to myself: like run my finger across my cheek in a certain way and only that child knows that I just told them that I love them and think they are great. What’s sweet is that they all expect it when they get tucked in at night. Ok, so maybe my oldest doesn’t get tucked in at night mostly, but even he will give our sign occasionally when he gives me a hug.

The crook of Daddy's arm is the best place to be.

The crook of Daddy’s arm is the best place to be.

3. Having  a “special plate”.

We have a single plate that is different from any other. It has flowers and butterflies and it is plastic so we don’t have to worry about it getting dropped. It isn’t used everyday but every so often I will pull it out and serve one child’s dinner on it for that night. The special plate is used when someone has been unusually well-behaved, or achieved some goal, or maybe when they were ‘caught’ being very kind. It is served silently and then the good reason is shared with the rest of the family. My children really love it when they see me take it out of the cabinet and they all hope to get it. Now, of course this only works if I make sure that each of them gets it reasonably often, but it is also motivation for some thoughtful behavior. Besides, there’s always plenty to praise if you look hard enough!

Rockin' the hand crafted hat! (Thanks Auntie!)

Rockin’ the hand crafted hat! (Thanks Auntie!)

Well there you have it friends – 3 ways to make the child in your life feel special! How do you make the little ones in your life feel special? Do you have children, students, nieces or nephews? We all have the ability to improve someone’s life. Try out these tips or create your own – but spread some love and kindness. And if you wouldn’t mind, share with us so we can all have a few more ideas in our own back pockets. 🙂

I'm a big boy on the playground!

I’m a big boy on the playground!

peace and health,



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