Take It Easy Thanksgiving!

Get ready for some baking!

Get ready for some baking!


Hello Friends! Here come the holidays! I hope you are all having some time to plan the impending celebrations without too much stress or dread. I know it is so easy to slip into the mode of expecting too much of ourselves. How quickly we slide down the tunnel of Pinterest wehnever these times come along to tempt us with home made treats and extravaganzas of seasonally appropriate decorations.


Are you stressed out?

Are you stressed out?



I’d like to encourage you to stop and take a slow breath, then ask yourself what is one thing you could drop that will lighten the load for this week? I am personally choosing not to do one of the crafts that I planned for the kids. I think it might be frustrating for them and I want to spend my time enjoying them not struggling with them for a product that will not enhance our lives that much. We will have so many other ways to have fun!


Our thankful tree this year so far

Our thankful tree this year so far


I also have had a list running for days now. It is written down in my daily journal so I won’t forget it or lose it. It is a list of things that I want/need to take to my family’s house on thrusday. This way I can just check it off and not have to worry about it. And even if I do forget anything, at least I did my best to remember.

My lists :)

My lists 🙂

So share with me what you like about Thanksgiving and how are you going to reduce stress and enjoy life on Thursday?

Peace and health,



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