Personal Paradise Tuesday – What’s better than Thomas the Train?

My personal paradise!

My personal paradise!

It’s Personal Paradise Tuesday again! Today our love for trains just keeps on chugging. 🙂 Our little place in this world backs up almost to the train tracks. When we moved in here my children went running to see the train roll by everyday. We usually get the pleasure of experiencing the train roll by once each afternoon – and if I’m up late – once in the middle of the night.

A fun view :)

A fun view 🙂

Many people might find the nearby clackity sounds disruptive to daily life but here it is a personal paradise that weaves sound and texture through the rhythm of our days. I find it dependable and reassuring. The tempo is comfortable and often times the break is welcome. Several of my children still run to the window to watch the train almost every day. What a lovely experience to grow up with!

Christmas elves at the B&O Museum

Christmas elves at the B&O Museum

With this appreciation of trains we of course also enjoy the nearby train museum. We recently paid them a visit again and enjoyed seeing the beginnings of the christmas decorations. I consider myself so lucky to have children, older and younger, that still love going to this museum and learning everything from physics, to history, to geography, to engineering. What a wonderful place!

What is your paradise this week? Share with me and enjoy it!

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