Personal Paradise Tuesday – The unexpected beauty in my breakfast

My personal paradise!

My personal paradise!

Today is a good day to begin with an unexpected blessing! So last post I talked about how I would be speaking about unexpected things that happen or gifts that we receive that make us thankful for the moment in our lives.

Today I was busy getting our day started. The usual activities commenced: get kids up and moving, chase naked three-year old to where I put his clothes and convince him that he can’t go to preschool in the buff, feed at least some of my progeny breakfast, grab the baby out of bed with my coat already on so we can rush out the door, discover said baby is very stinky and pause to freshen and redress the offending baby, hustle out the door into the crazy cold wind that I despise.


But then I returned home to hot coffee and a dose of breakfast for me and the littlest cub. As I was stirring up our yogurt and banana slices I thought I could dollop it with some of the very rich and luxurious mulberry jam that I made this past summer. Low and behold, I watched as I created a masterpiece in a bowl! As my spoon went around the bowl a beautiful marbled concoction emerged.

artistic yogurt

artistic yogurt

The older children looked over to admire and I found myself dipping into my breakfast with great reverence for the beauty of nature that was about to give me fuel for my day. How often do we really appreciate what we put in our mouths? Of course when we go out to a fine restaurant we appreciate the meal and the presentation. But I am talking about the usual fare that we put on our own tables on a day-to-day basis. I know I am very guilty of just scarfing down a quick meal so that I can get on with my day and go about my business. This also leads to us not eating well, and to eating too much.

Yummy yogurt!

Yummy yogurt!

So today, be thankful for the beautiful food that comes from our planet to sustain and nourish your body. And if your food can’t be said to really come from the earth because it is too processed or altered, try to find something to eat that will reconnect you to some healthy sustenance. Snack food can be fun, but natural food should be our norm.

Little Miss S on a farm trip several years ago

Little Miss S on a farm trip several years ago

I will leave you with the prayer that we usually say at our mealtime because it really encompasses this post:

“Thank you God for the food that comes from the earth and all our many blessings. Amen.”

peace and health,



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