Sunset Saturday Café – Unexpected Blessings

fall foliage

Happy Saturday Friends! I hope you are enjoying something warm to drink if you are having such cold weather as we are. Brrrrr! We even had a touch of snow. I can’t say I’m totally ready for winter but hopefully is won’t be quite as brutal as last year. Remember this kind of ice?

It certainly is beautiful!

It certainly is beautiful!

But of course time and weather do not take direction from me. As a cousin of mine just recently mentioned, changes in life don’t wait around for permission from us. One of the secrets of a happy life is learning to adapt to the changes and appreciate what we have. This is one of the central themes here at Rising Eden. (even if I am still not always very good at it!)

So as we are coming up on the Thanksgiving holiday I am going to be posting a series of entries that highlight unexpected blessings. Of course we find many unexpected things to take displeasure of stress from, but we are also often gifted with an object, experience, or encounter that we aren’t expecting that is a great blessing.

Isn't this a great playhouse?

Isn’t this a great playhouse?

If you wish to join me, make your assignment this week to find at least one thing that you find to be a blessing, that you didn’t expect. Or maybe something that can only be seen as a blessing with the right perspective. I look forward to sharing with you, and hope that you all with share your stories of blessing with me.

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, find a bit of relaxation, and kiss someone you love!

Mr T and his buddy relaxing together

Mr T and his buddy relaxing together

Peace and health,



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