May I take you on a date?

fall foliage

Happy Saturday friends! For today’s Sunset Cafe I am actually writing from a cafe! How fun! My wonderful Mr Hubby is in control on the homestead while I get a rare treat of time alone to write and think.

My view at the pretty café in town

My view at the pretty café in town

This past week was unfortunately rather filled with sniffly noses and congested heads. Hopefully we will all be on the mend this week. The most important thing that is on the books for this week is to get out and vote! We love going to vote as a family and the children really enjoy watching us while they wait impatiently for their turn at the polls (many years from now!). If you have young ones, do you take your children with you to the polls?

I have fortunately finished sorting out all the children’s winter clothes and discovered that I don’t have to buy a thing! I’m not sure how that is possible but I am thankful. So my frugality with my kids’ wardrobes is going to enable my to do a little bit of shopping for clothes for me. Yay! I’m not really a clothes horse or anything but I did realize that after several years of having babies, and several years of not buying any new clothes, I am in quite a bit of need for some new clothes that fit and flatter. I don’t need to be the height of fashion but frumpy mama does no one any good. 🙂 So today I will see what deals I can find while I’m out on my little date with myself.

The lovely workstation for the morning!!

The lovely workstation for the morning! Mmm…coffee!

Last but not least, I am doing a little baking this weekend. In our house we really like having our “Muffin Monday” but I have been remiss in making muffins for several weeks now. So I am going to make a whole bunch and freeze several batches. That will set us up for the next month or two without me having to think about it. What will you be doing this week to be organized or frugal? I’d love to hear about it!

Peace and health,



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