Superman melts my heart! – Personal Paradise Tuesday

Mr K all dressed up!

Mr K all dressed up!

My personal paradise is easy today. My darling Mr K turns 8 years old! For as long as he can remember he has had a great love of Superman. I know that is it pretty common for little boys to love super heros. Their power and strength is very appealing to small boys who yearn for the same. But Mr K has been saying for years that he is Superman. When questioned about his apparent lack of abilities that are an integral part of Superman, this clever boy has informed us that he is indeed Superman but his full powers will not come to fruition until he is 13 years old. Pretty clever, don’t you think? So today my sweet boy still stands by his word and informed me that now he only has 5 more years until he can perform the amazing feats of strength. Oh yes, and he has promised to fly me around the world – anywhere I want – when he is 13. What more could a mama need? 😉

Mr K is a beautiful soul. He is so much like my grandfather that it is almost eerie. He is a sensitive person, easily wounded but also easily comforted. He is very observant and he notices beauty in the world more quickly than most adults. He has a quirky sense of humor and can deliver a joke with such dead pan execution that I am amazed! He is the one who is most likely to sidle up to me and lay his head against me with a sigh and say, “I love you Mama”. He is also super strong and energetic. He has a great sense of style for an 8 year old. Last week for church he was dressed up with a tie. When I asked him why he was so nicely attired he informed me that when he looked at his reflection something “seemed wrong”. So he told me, “I decided I needed a tie and then I would look right”. What a gem!

Mr K - king of the pumpkin patch!

Mr K – king of the pumpkin patch!

So now that I have bent your ear enough with the wonderfulness that is my son, I hope you are all enjoying a spot of your paradise today. Please share with me what makes you day great today. I’d love to know!

Peace and health,



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