Personal Paradise Tuesday – Do you go in the woods in the rain?


A rainy, cloudy day greets us here on the Rising Eden homestead. It’s been rainy and fogging for a couple days now. I have a tendency to get a little down when I haven’t seen the sun in a while but today I am looking at the wet weather with a healthier perspective.

You see I am a lover of the woods and the mountains. There are so many beautiful places and climates in the world and I can appreciate the amazing beauty of a desert or an ocean with no trouble at all. But when I see and feel the woods, my heart sighs with peace. Now without plenty of rain we certainly wouldn’t have all the lush goodness that comes in the forest. So I have to appreciate the water that gives the beauty that I love.

Lovely raindrops on the pretty colors!

Lovely raindrops on the pretty colors!

So my paradise moment today is the soaked atmosphere around me. The swing might be abandoned, and the parks empty, but I got out this morning and enjoyed the weather for what it was – Life!

Wet but pretty!

Wet but pretty!

I will wrap up today with one of my favorite quotes:

“Many people don’t know rain. They hide from it in their homes, run from it to their cars. It’s a negative thing for them, but it’s a way of life out here, for it’s rained nearly every day.

People ask, ‘What do you do when it rains?’ Keep walking. Keep walking when it’s misting, when it’s dropping, and sometimes when it blows in gale forces and comes down as sleet and hail and strikes the earth in bolts of thunder and lightning.

But something must be said for the joys of rain…on those unearthly mornings when I awake and the land is swimming in a warm, misty, opaque fog. Moisture hangs onto everything; every leaf, every branch, every dust particle in the atmosphere. I’m glad I’m alive and moving through it.

You can know the woods if you only go out in blue skies and shining sun – to love the woods, you must know the woods, and rain is a face the woods often wears.”

-Cindy Ross

Lonely tire swing

Lonely tire swing

Peace and health,



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2 Responses to Personal Paradise Tuesday – Do you go in the woods in the rain?

  1. What a gorgeous photo of the leaves with raindrops on them. The colors!


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