Dive into Learning on National Dessert Day!

Yummy, yummy cupcake cake!

Yummy, yummy cupcake cake!

Welcome friends! October 14th is National Dessert Day! What a great day to celebrate all the fun ways we can please our palates with treats to make us happy. Today in our home we are discussing what our favorite sweets are and indulging just a little. Never fear – veggies and fruits still play a major role in our diet but what kind of fun is life without the benefit of some delectable goodies?

It is fun to see what different flavors please each of the members of my family. This also gives me a chance to connect with my kids and find out what really makes them feel loved. Why else would we go to the effort to bake or create a treat for our sweet loves if not to show them we care?

And if that is not enough for you – how about incorporating some learning into the fun of the day? While baking we cover tons of great math and science skills. Think fractions, accurate measuring, fine motor skills of pouring and leveling, not to mention the artistic endeavors of creations with shape, color, and structure.

Check out some of the fun activities we are playing with and perhaps share with me what you came up with for your little ones!

Learning the rainbow colors with Jelly belly beans

Learning the rainbow colors with Jelly belly beans


Mr. T had a great time sorting colors for the rainbow. He was a bit disappointed that I didn’t let him eat them all afterwards!


Silly serpent!

Silly serpent!


It’s not all sugary treats today. Check out our snake! And of course the kids had to pose with their new friend:


friendly snake ;)

friendly snake 😉


Last but not least – a science activity to show the solar system. Not exactly to scale, but plenty of fun. Note that we didn’t leave out poor Pluto!


Edible solar system

Edible solar system


Now I just have to convince this one to share with his siblings!


Mr, T is about to pounce!

Mr, T is about to pounce!

Peace and health,



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