Sunset Café Saturday – My spots of autumn goodness!

fall foliage

Ahhh! It is time to bring autumn back to the café! There are lots of lovely things about autumn and we are finally starting to feel like the season weather-wise this week. While it was warm in the earlier part, but today was down right chilly and with the impending rain it seems like the season has finally settled in. I hope you are all getting a chance to appreciate the coming change.

This year I am almost reluctant to see the seasons shift but I do love the colors and smells that accompany fall so I’m sure I’ll will be sighing with contentment within the next week or two. Life is humming along here and I am looking forward to getting out in the yard to do some pre-winter work over the next month. Of course the smells and tastes in the house are equally appealing. Most preschoolers have an “Apple Unit” in the fall and my sweet Mr. T is no exception to loving the apple goodness that comes at this time of the year. Here you can see him loving on a pie that we had made.

All for me??

All for me??

One thing I would like to get to before it gets too cold is a backyard camp out. I have been thinking about it for a while but was just re-inspired by this post on a blog that I enjoy. Take a moment if you can to visit this site and check out the link party – I think you might enjoy some of the awesome stuff there!

{pretty, funny, happy, real}


These two lovelies really enjoy their snuggle time! I just can’t get over the big eyes and crazy-long eyelashes of Mr. G and of course who can resist a sweet, loving sis?

Snuggle buddies!

Snuggle buddies!


I know, I know – this is a repeat. But can I say again how happy I am that we have our new office complete?! I’ll have to take a new picture when all the artwork is on the walls.



Mr. T and I were playing with the phone and I think this captures the wild animal part of his personality so well. I know it’s a bit blurry but it just cracks me up! What a crazy boy.

wild animal!

wild animal!


This could also go under funny but this is what we call a “real big” bedtime story in our house! The little boys are on a big book kick and it’s pretty fun to hear bedtime stories from behind that behemoth.

Big bedtime stories !

Big bedtime stories !

So what autumnal projects do you have in store this week? I have to finish the seasonal clothing swap since poor Miss S had no long sleeve shirts for today! I would love to hear what you have in the works.

Throwback photo to Mr. B and I sharing some s'mores!

Throwback photo to Mr. B and I sharing some s’mores!

Enjoy your week and I hope you find a peaceful moment or two with someone you love!

peace and health,



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