Personal Paradise Tuesday – Beautiful enthusiasm!

My personal paradise

My personal paradise


Hi friends! This week is just a quicky since I am running in, out, and everywhere trying to get some things done with the last couple weeks of summer. We are heavy into the work of building up the basement and I am planning and thinking and organizing for the new homeschool year. And speaking of schooling…


My paradise moment today is the awesome fact that my kids are so excited to be learning! We are starting to get a few packages in the mail with new books and resources that we will need this year and I love the fact that my little ones, and even my not so little ones, are still excited when they see a new book. Even textbooks! I bought a fun looking science book that I thought Mr K would get the most out of. So when it came I just handed it to him. He looked a little confused at first since he didn’t know what it was or why I was handing it to him. The next moments were filled with his eyes scanning the colorful cover, him flipping pages, and then the big excited grin while he asked me: “can I take this and look at it on my own?!”



One of my silly boys excited expressions

One of my silly boys excited expressions



Ahhh – music to a homeshooling mothers ears! Why, yes my son – you may take it and examine to your hearts content. 🙂

How about you? Any new learning happening? Or a new good book you are reading? Share with me here if you will!

Peace and health,



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