Sunset Café Saturday – My way or the highway? Maybe not :)

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

I’m feeling nostalgic a bit for my little baby this week. Mr G is a great big one year old now! 🙂 He is tall, strong and gorgeous. And he has a great smile! What a lucky family we are to have him. Mr G had a great birthday, I think. We went to the park and he had a great time playing with his siblings. Later we sang, blew out candles, and ate cake. He was very neat and quick with his piece of cake. He barely made a mess since it went straight down to the tummy with very little delay! Here’s the before and after:

Before: He looks excited to eat cake!

Before: He looks excited to eat cake!





After! Practically not a crumb left!

After! Practically not a crumb left!













We have also been very active this week on continuing the work in our basement. It will be a while before we have the ‘after’ photos but at least progress is being made. We are at the stage of walls up, now comes a whole lot of mudding and smoothing. Hopefully, we will soon have Mr Hubby’s completed office!

This week I am thinking about expectations and comparisons. One of the fasted ways to unhappiness is to have either unrealistic expectations or to compare yourself and your life to others. I am certainly guilty of both. Often.

The funny thing is that when I recognize this behavior in those I love, I can see how foolish and hurtful it is. Here is my reflection for the week –

We are all the same. And we are all different.

We all have the same needs for love, security, happiness, and purpose for our lives. Of course we can’t all meet our needs in the same ways. Hence our different lifestyles and family routines.

But we all need to acknowledge that  when another’s way of doing things isn’t the same as ours, this doesn’t mean that ours is any less valid. People often feel such insecurity when others do things differently. We are such sensitive creatures aren’t we?

So instead of comparing and judging, try first doing what you really believe is in the best interest of those you love.

And then just breathe.


And feel satisfied that you have made the best choice.

Lastly, don’t forget to smile at others and trust that they can do the same and that you can relax and not worry about it.

Enjoy the differences, maybe even learn something from them. But most of all know that it is just another road with the same destination – and have fun along the way.

Now it is your turn. Do you agree? Disagree? Is this a battle that you have fought? Or share later this week on how you might have had the opportunity to put this idea into practice. I would love to hear about it!

Mr G finds his own way across the playground. I'm going to follow his lead :)

Mr G finds his own way across the playground. I’m going to follow his lead 🙂

Peace and health,



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