Personal Paradise Tuesday – Summer Blues? Not this Mama!

My personal paradise

My personal paradise

We are coming up on that special time of the year again. No, not Christmas, New Years, or even Spring Break. I’m talking about the time for back to school! Now before all you teachers out there start throwing rocks at my head, please keep reading first. I am not about to tout the joys of back to school. Quite the opposite in fact.

Do any of you remember the Staples commercial from 1996? My mother laughed every time it came on. You have to admit it is pretty funny. And talk about marketing genius! But parents all over the country are noticing back to school sales beginning at the stores and pretty soon we here will have our tax free weekend so that we can stock up on clothes and shoes to give our cherubs a shiny exterior to start the year off with.

Playground fun - up, up, and away!

Playground fun – up, up, and away!

It is typically around this time of the summer that you start to hear the comments such as, “I can’t wait for school to start again”, or “They are starting to really drive me crazy”, and as the frequent recipient of this one, “I don’t know how you do this all year long!” Since we know that children are creatures who thrive on routine, even the most agreeable child will get cranky when they have very little structure to their days as we are wont to have during the summer.

the ball pack is always fun in summer!

the ball pack is always fun in summer!

In spite of all the bored, cranky souls flowing through our homes I’m offering the alternative to wishing our children somewhere else. My personal paradise moment today is appreciating the time I have with my children, even during the summer months of boredom. Of course in our house there is not often an actual complaint of being bored since that will rapidly lead to me giving the complainer a list of chores to choose from that is longer than their leg, but the bored behavior still happens. How lucky are we though that we have the ability to be bored? That we don’t have to toil every moment for our very subsistence? How blessed are we that we have a veritable mountain of toys or art supplies to keep us busy with activity when we tired of our usual pursuits? And how much will we miss these lazy days with our beautiful children when they are grown and gone? How many times during the school year do we have ideas of fun things to do with our children that we never quite get around to?

Lego day at the library is also a fun treat :)

Lego day at the library is also a fun treat 🙂


There is always a time for structure and learning but summer is for fun and play. Today I will smile at my children – even if they are scowling. Last night we had a spot of summer fun by making chocolate dipped frozen bananas and today we will pull out some art project or something else crafty. What will you do this week to enjoy your children or your less scheduled days? Share with me – I really want to know!

Watch me play with the ice to keep cool!

Watch me play with the ice to keep cool!

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2 Responses to Personal Paradise Tuesday – Summer Blues? Not this Mama!

  1. Alex says:

    What’s a ball pack? 😉


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