Personal Paradise Tuesday – Midnight drives in the country

My personal paradise

My personal paradise

Please don’t mind my slow posting. Unfortunately, by the time I actually got this up – it was Wednesday. Whoops! I blame camp since normally a scouting camp trip ends on a sunday, but since it is summer, Mr Hubby and Mr K returned on Monday and that meant that I spent all of Tuesday thinking it was Monday.

I think I still don’t know what day it is.

Nevertheless, I am here! Today’s paradise moment is actually about my commute to work. As some of you know, I sometimes work crazy, odd-ball, night hours in the hospital so I am either going in while everyone else is coming home or I am driving home in the middle of the night. Normally I am not a fan of a long commute. The time can be such a waste, there’s more time away from the kids, it’s hard wear and tear on the vehicles, creates lousy emissions in to the earth, and the gas costs! Need I say more? If I could live on my pretty plot and not have to travel so far for work I would.

But recently I have been appreciating a few nice elements of this situation. First, there is the scenery. My drive is mostly through the country side and it is just beautiful. I get to gaze across the planted fields, wave ‘hi’ to the cows and horses, and watch the clouds drift or scuttle across the sky. I also get to watch some really amazing sunsets at some times of the year. It’s nice to keep tabs on the elements of the seasons by watching what is growing on the roadside and in the fields, and by watching the animals with their young.

I can also use the time to catch up on the news by listening to public radio. I have learned all kinds of neat things and heard a wide variety of opinions on so many topics by tuning in. Sometimes the doom and gloom gets to me so I do seek out other options.

My favorite other choices are audio books or podcasts. I have ‘read’ some amazing books that way! Some Jane Austin is always soothing, but even some non fiction can be entertaining. Most recently though I am working my way through the Coffee Break French sessions. They are published by and I really love it! They have several lessons to choose from and it takes you right from beginner level on up. I am almost done with the 2nd season and even though I am familiar with a lot of the content they are covering at the moment, I am still learning tons.

But perhaps the most important bit of paradise that I find on the drives that would be otherwise very tedious, is the bit of quiet time in my own head. I could never be construed and anything but a pretty serious introvert and having 5 little ones has it’s serious challenges for me when it comes to not having any quiet space in my ears and brain for most of my days. Add that to the fact that I am dealing with very needy people at work and it is a recipe for burnout.

I may be chronically sleep deprived but I love my quiet time on the dark, close nights along the country roads. The smells are usually fresh and delicious and I love tunneling my way through the black with my hi-beams, feeling like I don’t have to acknowledge that the rest of the world exists. It gives me time to reflect and rest my ears. I hope that I am a better person for it.

So today I will say thank you for what might otherwise be considered a burden. As long as those silly deer and foxes stay out of my way, I will continue to wind my way home in the darkness appreciating the opportunity (even if it is forced sometimes) to have moments of quiet and I hope to use them to my benefit.

What do you think? Do you have commute time? Do you love it? Hate it?



Last, but not least, I will leave you with a silly, cute picture of 2 of our littles who will be celebrating birthdays this month. Aren’t they sweet?!

Snuggle time for my July babies!

Snuggle time for my July babies!

Peace and health friends,



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