Sunset Café Saturday – Family happiness – and bravery ;)

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

Well, it is well past sunset but I’m still lingering over a glass of wine and the pleasant feelings of peace and happiness. Today was a beautiful day of reconnections and fun with extended family. We had a very relaxed day and lingered long over sharing love and life with each other.

Our week was filled mostly with working and preserving our berry harvest. We also did a little learning activities. Some reading, french, and math were the focus but I think the kids have plans for some serious music and art fun for the next week.

My other goals for the week ahead include some more fitness activities, and a home project. I would love to get out on the bike at least twice with my cycling partner, Mr B. I am going to attempt a project at home that I don’t know much about. I have several options to choose from but this is the week for checking my hesitations at the door and delving into learning something new to improve our home.

What about you? Do you have a job that has been sitting on your list that you have been afraid to tackle? Let’s encourage each other and be brave!


Anyone for a swim?

Anyone for a swim?




I’m leaving you tonight with a silly picture of most of the boys playing around at the end of their camp the other week. They are so funny when they goof around together!





Share with me what your plans for the week are – I want to know!

Peace and health,



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