Sunset Café Saturday – A random collection and a kooky picture

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

This will be a weekend for gathering random thoughts.


Frugal update:

I needed several things for the next week or two so I headed to BJ’s. I walked out having spent less than $200. That might not sound very frugal but it’s pretty easy for us to go over that so I’m pretty happy. Also, we got so many berries and that means good eats for free!

This week’s wrap up:

It was a lovely week even if most of the family was missing Mr. Hubby and Mr. B who were away at camp all week. We can’t wait to see them today! It was quite a nice week though, filled with projects and relaxation and fun! I even checked off a bunch of to do list items, like gardening, painting, and home office work.

My little boys and their faithful companion

My little boys and their faithful companion

Next week’s look forward:

I hope to continue with the gardening projects and harvesting. We have more raspberries to pick and more blueberries will be ripe soon. I’m also hopeful that we will be getting to some basement finishing work. Oh yes, and preserves! Must make preserves!

Kooky picture for the day:

When we painted Miss. S’ room I knew her ceiling wasn’t white but I thought I could live with it. After much debate of the worth of the effort, I decided that it was unbearable and I should just paint the darn thing. The room really was much darker than it needed to be and I figured some simple white paint would do the job. Of course little Miss wanted to argue with me that it was already white. No, no my dear. Most definitely not! So I painted all but one spot to show her how crazy the difference was. Yikes! This picture doesn’t even do it justice. And now I just keep walking in the room, looking up, and sighing with pleasure. So worth the effort!!

Is that pink, or peach, or what?

Is that pink, or peach, or what?


And last but not least –

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! I hope you all had a peaceful, enjoyable holiday. Happy Birthday America 🙂

Peace and health,



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