Personal Paradise Tuesday – Blessings of the Bountiful Berries!

My personal paradise

My personal paradise

Welcome back all!

I have been working on so many projects lately and todays Paradise Moment involves a bit of a project.

You know how everyone has their favorite foods that they feel like they could live on? Well one of mine must be berries. Especially blueberries. Lucky for me, we are flush with berries right now! The 3 middle ones went out with me to pick blueberries today. We each took a cup since I thought we wouldn’t be getting so much. Was I surprised! We ended up with a huge bowl full! And the children were very pleasant while working too. 🙂

Then we moved on to the raspberries. Our patches are a bit of a mess since I haven’t kept up with the weeding and pruning. But even with that, we are getting quite a yield. An even bigger bowl of raspberries was the result of todays work. My sweet partners in harvesting started getting a bit cranky but after it was said and done, they were quite impressed with what we had pulled in.

After my helpers escaped to the pleasures of the air conditioning, I decided to visit the mulberry trees. I only spent a few minutes there but managed to rapidly fill up 3 large drinking cups of berries. And that was even with feeding Mr T one at a time while picking. I was trying to keep him from getting covered in the stubborn mulberry stains so we played a game with me feeding him like a baby bird. It was so cute and fun!

Check it out – sorry for the poor picture but I think you can still get the feel for how much it is.

Beautiful Bounty!

Beautiful Bounty!

The next step is to process all this bounty so it doesn’t go to waste. I am still a beginner in the world of canning so wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it turns out but please feel free to share any tips you might have with me.

What is your favorite summer food?

Have a great week!

Peace and health,



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