Sunset Café Saturday – Trash to treasure to make me smile :)

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?


Happy Saturday friends! I have good news to report. Remember those ceiling fan blades I mentioned last week? Well I got them done!! I even did the really yucky one in the kitchen. So my goal was to complete that job and at least one other long standing task by the end of the week. I managed to finally send two packages that had been sitting around for an embarrassingly long time. To top it all off, I feel super productive since I also finished the revamp of my new (to me) front porch couch. I gave some hints last week also to the project and I am excited to share today the final transformation. I am very pleased with the effect.

Here is the story of the ‘new’ couch.

Since we have moved it to this house I have thought that it would be nice to have some functional, yet attractive, furniture for the deck and the front porch. We have been allocating our funds to a rather multitudinous list of other project though. So I realized that I would have to be more creative to achieve the feel I was aiming for without spending a fortune on new deck/porch furniture. I have played around on pinterest and craigslist but haven’t quite figured it out yet.

Enter a random trip to Goodwill. I meandered through the meager furniture section and spied an intriguing piece. I realized that it had a neat structure and was very sturdy and solid, but quite ugly with the cushions on it. I figured I could use the frame and replace the cushions.


As they say: "It has good bones".

As they say: “It has good bones”.










Blech! It's just not working for me.

Blech! It’s just not working for me.










Fortunately, I was playing around on the computer again and found some clever ideas to mimic. I wanted the cushions to be a least reasonably weather resistant so I thought I would try out a cool idea. Off I went to the store and found some vinyl tablecloths that were a fairly low-key, attractive print. A little cleaning, vacuuming, and wrapping and taping later – my new couch! I think it looks really nice against the yellow house with the green door.

Come and sit a bit?

Come and sit a bit?










It does fit the space perfectly!

It does fit the space perfectly!










What do you think? Now I can relax on the porch and watch the kiddos play, or the cyclists roll by, or the breeze blow. It might even be comfy enough for a nap!

What’s next on the home front, project-wise? Harvesting! Our blueberries are ready and the raspberries are very ready. Plus, we have tons of mulberries that I’d like to try making something with if I get to them quick enough. What projects are you working on? Share your goals, successes, or failures – it’s all about trying. 🙂

Peace and health,




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