Personal Paradise Tuesday – In which I relearn the lesson that children are smarted than adults :)

My personal paradise

My personal paradise

As a nature loving gal I often use the beauty of the outdoors to find peace and refreshment. So here I am again using our beautiful world for my paradise moment. I hope you all will understand and forgive me if I seem repetitive today.

Saturday we had our monthly summer Cub Scout pack event. We went for a hike on the NCR trail on a relatively cool, breezy day. It was actually pretty cloudy with even the occasional drip of rain as we drove over to the trail. Fortunately, it did hold off actually raining for the duration of our hike.

We ambled along with a bunch of the more energetic kids running ahead, enjoying the greenery around us and the intermittent rippling sound of the Gunpowder River next to us. The children greatly enjoyed seeing a fly fisherman plying his craft. We also stopped along the way to toss rocks into the river and to check out some interesting rocks and trees.

At one point Mr T cries out: “Mama! I see a froggy!” Silly me – I respond with the correction of it being ‘just a leaf’. Upon further insistence from him and better listening and observation skills from me, I discover that he is indeed watching a frog. This little specimen was about as big as two kernels of corn and just hopping for all he was worth! I managed to catch him quickly so he could be examined by all the enthusiastic observers, both big and small. Of course we let him go without too much disruption so he could hop off on his merry way.

This silly face was a classic!

This silly face was a classic!

My lesson for the day was to pay attention! There I was, thinking I was actually catching the details of my environment when the little one pointed out that I was not actually as present as I thought I was. And to make matters worse, I defaulted to assuming the child didn’t know what he thought he did! I temporarily forgot that small people are smart – sometimes smarter than us – and that we should slow down and really listen to the little children because they often are more clued in to their surroundings and the mysteries of the universe than we are.

I’ll leave you with a picture of a gorgeous tree in blossom that Mr K and I saw as we were dawdling at the back of the crowd. Anyone know what kind of tree it is?



Share your paradise moments with me – I’d love to hear them!

Peace and health,



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