A little Catholic fun :)

Good morning friends!

Today is a little sharing of Catholic fun. Mr K is quickly coming to the age of preparation for the Sacrament of Communion and since Mr T no longer naps in the late morning (or at all most days!), he has been with us at church more often than not lately. So I have spent some time lately thinking about ways to engage the little ones in the Mass and help them learn about participation, what we are doing there, and why we do it. I have seen many play things to help engage children in the process of worship but I didn’t want to spend money on an item that wouldn’t really do the job that I was trying to accomplish.



What’s a girl to do then? Get thee to Pinterest of course! (My pinterest)

I found some cool ideas that might be helpful, and after spending some time in serious contemplation (read: wasting an hour or two sucking into the internet with all of it’s best distractions of what other people do with their spare time), I cobbled together an idea to create a “mass kit” that the littles, and bigs, can play with to help appreciate and understand why we do what we do during communion.

Our newly crafted kit!

Our newly crafted kit!

The verdict: They love it!!

I used a variety of cheap materials, or things we had on hand, and a little time and creativity to make some fun. The stoles are made of 2 inch wide ribbon and a little glitter glue. The chalice and paten are very inexpensive dishes bought for a dollar or two sprayed with gold metallic spray paint. The communion hosts are made of white felt, as is the pall, which was stiffened by an inner layer of cardstock. The bowl is a dollar store plastic bowl, and the ‘towel’ is a spare cloth napkin. The corporal was made of a cloth napkin, as were the purificators. I cut the napkin in half and hemmed it up for the purificators so they would be an appropriate size and distinguishable from the corporal. The candles are battery operated votives that I had. (I’m still looking for a cross to use).

I hope this recounting amuses some of you but I will leave you with a funny bit. In discussing and playing with their new kit I overheard an entertaining exchange.

Mr K: “Oh no! I dropped my Sacristan!”

Miss S: “K! That’s your stole! A sacristan is a person.”

Mr K: “Oh right.” (Sheepish grin and silly giggles commence)

Love it!

Have a great week everyone 🙂

Peace and health,




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