Sunset Café Saturday – Transitions and a little tragedy

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

Garden time! I spent so much time out in my garden this week and it was wonderful! We are making nice progress and Miss S and I are going to have a container garden of flowers scattered throughout the grape vine area. We finally got that area thoroughly weeded and the seeds planted in the containers. Now, fingers crossed that they all grow!


Pots in order and weeds under control :)

Pots in order and weeds under control 🙂

Our chicken friends are doing well and the little ones are not so little anymore. We can’t wait until the little ones are laying but that will still be a while.


Miss Georgianna

Miss Georgianna

Miss Ginny

Miss Ginny












Miss Nix

Miss Nix



Unfortunately, we also had a tragedy this week. The little ones were so excited to see a nest full of little tiny bluebird babies. We have been checking on them since we first noticed the eggs. They were getting bigger and Miss S wanted to peek in again. Sadly she was met by a very unpleasant surprise – instead of little bird beaks sticking out, she was greeted by a snake head! You can only imagine how she jumped, ran back, and screamed at the shock. That stinking snake crawled in and gulped them all up. 😦 So now the nest is pathetically empty and everyone here has a heavy sigh. The cycle of life is often not gentle.

Our sad, empty nest :(

Our sad, empty nest 😦

In happier news, Mr B’s camp this week was a great experience for him and Mr G has decided to eat everything he can possibly try.

This week holds a bunch of end of the school year activities and hopefully the transition to the summer schedule will begin. All my school aged children at home are enjoying the ‘fun’ lessons we have been doing lately and I hope we can keep up the fun while continuing the learning. 🙂

Many thanks of course to my dear friend who finished our year strong with the Geography Through Art program that my kiddos so enjoyed! (She is so awesome at making messes with my children!)

Making mountains is so much fun!

Making mountains is so much fun!

I have not much in the frugal department to report which means that I better cook ahead a bit this weekend so that I can easily and inexpensively get through the week.

Are you already in a summer mode? Or perhaps things don’t change much for you at this time of year. Share with us what is  up and coming in this week!

Peace and health,



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2 Responses to Sunset Café Saturday – Transitions and a little tragedy

  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun! We continue though out the summer with more of a laid back feel. I’ve written a couple of posts of the themes we had done in the past and the one we began last week. Have a great summer!


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