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Sunset Café Saturday – Trash to treasure to make me smile :)

  Happy Saturday friends! I have good news to report. Remember those ceiling fan blades I mentioned last week? Well I got them done!! I even did the really yucky one in the kitchen. So my goal was to complete … Continue reading

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Personal Paradise Tuesday – In which I relearn the lesson that children are smarted than adults :)

As a nature loving gal I often use the beauty of the outdoors to find peace and refreshment. So here I am again using our beautiful world for my paradise moment. I hope you all will understand and forgive me … Continue reading

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A little Catholic fun :)

Good morning friends! Today is a little sharing of Catholic fun. Mr K is quickly coming to the age of preparation for the Sacrament of Communion and since Mr T no longer naps in the late morning (or at all … Continue reading

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Sunset Café Saturday – Summer at last!!

Hello! Now that the last week of school is over and summer has begun, I can finally spend some more time here. The end of the year is always terribly crazy for Mr Hubby. It is a great relief to … Continue reading

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Sunset Café Saturday – Transitions and a little tragedy

Garden time! I spent so much time out in my garden this week and it was wonderful! We are making nice progress and Miss S and I are going to have a container garden of flowers scattered throughout the grape … Continue reading

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