Sunset Café Saturday – Baking and biking!

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

Good day friends! I hope you are all ready to enjoy the weekend!

Do you ever feel like the time has flown by so quickly and you are not even sure what you have been doing? That’s how I feel this week. We were busy with lessons, and gardening, and enjoying each others company, but it all went awfully quickly.

Last week I talked about my frugal, and not so frugal moments. I have managed to spend a good bit of June’s grocery budget already but I also have a stocked up fridge and freezer so I hope that will get me through a bunch of the month. Today I am going to make a big bunch of breakfast sausage that I expect will be very yummy and help please palates and fill tummies around here. Hopefully, some of it will even get to the freezer for future meals. 😉

This week’s goal is some more garden control and some fun with the kiddlets. I also have some fabric that I’m going to cut out for some pretties for my girl. The children have also be pestering me a bunch for some help with their projects so I will be doing that.

I did get a chance to fulfill a promise to Mr T so far. He is the proud master baker of his first pie! He loved his apple pie and he even shared it with the rest of us.

"It's my first pie!"

“It’s my first pie!”

With summer coming I have some fitness goals. I want to get on my bike a bunch more – with and without the kids. 🙂 I am going to get back to my strength training and hope to have some new muscles to sport soon! Here is some of the view from my ride this morning with Mr.B.


Early morning ride

Early morning ride


Breathtakingly peaceful!

Breathtakingly peaceful!











What are you all up to this week? Or do you have activities or goals upcoming? Lets share our ideas!

Peace and health,




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