Personal Paradise – Friday edition

My personal paradise

My personal paradise

Since this week was a little busy I am doing this post on a Friday! Sorry to those who missed me on Tuesday. 🙂 Today’s personal paradise moment is from something I saw recently on my way to work.

I drive through country roads on my way in to work so I don’t have to deal with any traffic and it is a very picturesque drive. I love watching the seasons change. There is one particular road that winds back and forth in sharp turns and is populated by a few houses, small farms, and beautiful fields amidst sections of forest.

As I was winding my way toward one of the few stop signs the other day, I had to drive slightly around a car that was stopped on the side of the road. Looking around to see if the person was with their car and everything seemed ok, I was touched by what I saw.

There was a slender man, dressed in business attire walking back to his car from a small patch of wildflowers growing near the side of the road. The man had been picking a bouquet of some of the prettiest flowers around. The are almost a bluish-lavender.

The lovely roadside wildflowers

The lovely roadside wildflowers

For some reason, this man’s actions really touched my heart.

What was he doing with these flowers?

Where they for a beloved?

Was he on his way to a date after work?

Was he trying to apologize for an argument?

Was he taking them to a little girl in his life?

Perhaps he needed some decor for his bachelor pad table?

There are many options but one thing was apparent: he took the time to notice the beauty on the side of the road and wanted to prolong his appreciation of the gift of nature. I know that there are a great many beautiful things in the world but I am often touched by the simple pleasures of the view outside my car window, especially while driving around the gorgeous countryside that I live in. It just makes me feel better to know that there are more people in the world that take the same road of appreciation as I do. I have had many pleasant moments of thinking about those flowers and what the man planned for them.

I hope whomever the recipient was appreciated them as much as I did! Have you seen something unusual or beautiful recently? Share the experience with us, I really want to hear about it!

Peace and health,



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