Sunset Café Saturday – Memorials and creativity

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

Join me for a refreshing drink and a chat?

Frugal update:

I was not quite so frugal this week due to eating out twice because of schedule crunches and laziness on my part. I have done pretty well with our grocery budget so far this month but I’m about to go out to the stores and stock up for the rest of the month and the beginning of the next. Wish me luck! I was quite successful last night with a dinner that pleased all. Mr Hubby has been craving meat so I pulled some ground turkey out of the freezer and made cheddar ranch turkey burgers. I didn’t have any buns so I made burger and hot dog shapes with this recipe and they were met with great reviews. Yum, yum! Yay for me for being creative in creating what I needed. 🙂

Last week:

We had a week busy with running around and lacrosse for Miss S. I have also been working on re-establishing a household routine since I feel like I am constantly playing catch up. So laundry is caught up and I’m working on the rest of the house. I am remembering how much more likely it is to have a little time to work on some projects if the house is maintained on a regular basis. 🙂 We also had a wonderful evening working as a family and with the scouts on putting flags on the graves at one of the military cemeteries. It was a beautiful evening watching those flags fluttering over the hills and I was proud to share the honor of blessing those who have served for our freedoms. My observant Mr K saw something else that night. In looking across the cemetery he saw a little girl in a classically styled white dress. Her skirts were flowing about her legs in the breeze and it echoed the rippling of the flags around her. Mr K said: “Look at her Mama – she is very pretty.” I’m so glad that my boys can identify and appreciate the things of beauty in this world!

My maternal grandfather's dog tag - a prized possession!

My maternal grandfather’s dog tag – a prized possession!

This week:

In addition to having some extra time together as a family, thanks to the Memorial Day holiday, I hope to get a good deal of work done in my gardens. I also am planning on furthering a few household projects. Oh, yes, and snuggling my babies! Even the ones that aren’t such babies. 🙂 What plans do you have for this week?

Peace and health,



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