Are you too old?

“Youth is a frame of mind. If you get out there and enjoy it, you can have it at any time of your life.”

-Kenny Rodgers, quoting his late grandfather

I’m sharing this quote in honor of the birthday of the best Mr Hubby in the world!

I have been contemplating age lately. I have also been contemplating energy levels. So yesterday we were at the lacrosse field for Miss S’ practice. Fortunately for my little guys, there is a little playground right next to the field. Unfortunately for my little guys, this mama wanted some exercise so they had to ride in the jog stroller and run along beside me for a couple of laps around the walking path before we hit the playground.

The day was so windy with rain threatening that I wasn’t sure if we would get any playground time so I cut my walk a bit shorter and let the kiddos out to play. As we pulled up to the monkey bars Mr K said: “Come play with us Mama!”

I have to admit I sighed.

So often we mothers run around so much that when we get to the playground I feel like we have earned the right to sit on the bench and relax while the kids run around. But I am working on being a more pleasant mama so I said I could come play for a bit. Now I have been feeling a bit run down and old lately so it was pretty fun to climb over the play set and zip down the slide. What I realized after we headed to the car as the raindrops started to plunk down, was that while I had expected to be more tired after the extra “exercise”, I was actually feeling more energetic, more fun, and more kind and friendly to my little boys.

Silly boy!

Silly boy!

Isn’t that wonderful? The crazy part is that I already know that exercise gives us more energy not less. I should be used to this and I should be busting my buns at the exercise so that I can have boundless energy. But for some reason I have been a little lazy lately.

So obviously, if I want to feel youthful and energetic, I need to play! And exercise! And act like a kid! How about you? What do you do to keep from getting too old?

peace and health,



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