A flicker of reality in the bloggy world

Dear Friends,

Oh the internet is a wonderful thing! Many lonely people and worn out mamas receive inspiration daily from such wonderful things as online forums and blogs. I find myself turning to my favorites to get me through some of the rougher days sometimes.

But of course most things are not all good or all bad.

Many of us mamas can easily get caught up in the belief that those fabulous ladies who blog about their lives and surroundings are living in a land of perfection where the house is always magazine inspired, the kids are always photo-ready clean, and their projects are the envy of pinterest.

My goal in this blog is to provide inspiration and encouragement, but not to make others see a false representation of myself or to make them feel bad about themselves. So today I am sharing the messy in my life. Please see this for what it is: an invitation to see the regular-ness of my days; even a bit of the unattractive or ugly.

Because we all have it – it is called Life.

Flat out exhausted!

Flat out exhausted!

Today, I am exhausted. Such little sleep this week, and my internal clock is all messed up even if I had enough sleep. Which I don’t – as usual.

Kids are supposed to be doing some lessons but I can barely get them meals on time. Oh wait, I didn’t get them meals on time – can we say lunch at 2 pm?

Yogurt. Everywhere.

Smeared on the table, all over the refrigerator handle, in the recycling bin, in the sink. And that was courtesy of one of the older children.

There must be something about multiples of 3 because the 3 year old and the 9 year old have been screamy, whiny, and dramatic all day.

The baby cut his nap short – just as I was trying to nap for a few minutes.

And of course there is the usual laundry, dishes, and cleaning to do, in addition to the meal planning and grocery shopping that needs to be done soon or we will be eating dry pasta with peanut butter with a side of flour.


So after having a little moment (read: shedding a few tears over the dog food and chicken food I’m scooping out, while I sent all the littles to clean their rooms so I wouldn’t hang them out the window by their toenails), I look into the smiling face of the cutest baby in the world, and I look around my messing house cluttered with all the stuff that God has blessed us with and I think that life isn’t too bad.

Just keep trudging on :)

Just keep trudging on 🙂


I know I am a lucky lady, but like the rest of you I am very human and I sometimes don’t see my blessings through the haze of frustration and fatigue.

All of this is just to say that I hope you all are having a good day and even if you aren’t – you are not alone and the difficult days are made for sharing so we all don’t feel so alone. Hang in there, and please grant me some grace to overlook my messy house and harried face on these days and I will certainly do the same.

A little crazy mama!

A little crazy mama!


Or better yet – anyone want to go out for a nice adult drink?!  😉


peace and health,



One of my beloved friends once told me that even when we try to share how un-perfect our life is, many people just discount our tale of woe and still see us as the “ones who have it all together”. If you are tempted to overlook this post please go back and read it slowly, and then, the next time you see me – look closely at the lines around my eyes and the makeup that covers the dark circles under them and believe me when I tell you that no one has it all together all of the time. I promise to help you out on your rough days and I would love some encouragement as well. And if you don’t live close enough for me to see you in person, perhaps we can encourage each other from a distance by email, cards, or care packages. And, as always, plenty of prayer!

As always, I welcome your comments. Please share how you cope on those not so easy days.



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4 Responses to A flicker of reality in the bloggy world

  1. Clare O'K says:

    There’s this girl who was in a DDC of mine online. If you looked at her Instagram or her “business” website where she touts herself as health and wellness coach who will help you find your best self and improve your body and relationships – you’d think she walks around on cloud nine all day and has this fantastic, satisfying (if a little smug) life. If you look at her posts in the online forum? You’d see she’s a 25-year-old basketcase who has some serious body image issues, her marriage is a disaster, and she’s 20k in debt. No one is as perfect as they portray themselves to the outside world!


  2. mom says:

    you did the right thing in the end. when it all goes wrong, just hug the baby.


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