Sunset Café Saturday – My frugal accomplishments and some springtime fun

Beautiful spring flowers!

Beautiful spring flowers!

Today will be a hodge podge of our week, including some frugal accomplishments. I imagine many of us are pinching a few pennies these days either to meet our basic needs or to accomplish a greater financial goal. So, in the interest of sharing some positive thoughts on that front, here are some things that I have done this week. I am focusing a lot on my grocery bill at the moment. Feeding a larger family of constantly hungry kids tends to make groceries one of our bigger expenses. And it doesn’t help that they have a foodie for a mother! I love cooking and baking and I can easily get carried away at the store buying cool things to please our palates. But, I am working on keeping my budget a good bit lower and still enjoying our meals.

So this week I hit the ceiling of my grocery budget which means that I have to get us through the rest of the month without spending any more money on food – Challenge time!! I actually think that it won’t be hard since we have plenty of food. I just have to be a bit creative to use up a bunch of stuff we already have. There was only one problem that I have encountered so far. No bread! So today was a bread baking day even after the quick 2 loaves that I put together a couple of days ago. Mmmmm… bread baking makes the best air freshener!

So now I have 4 more loaves to get us through the next 4 days, which might sound like a lot but it can go awfully fast around here. 🙂


And since I was in the kitchen anyway, I thought I would try my hand at making tortillas. I’ve been wanting to do it for ages and since I have none in the house – yay for lots of flour in my bucket! They are not very round but they were easy and oh, so yummy. I will definitely do that again.

So warm and soft - and fabulous with butter!

So warm and soft – and fabulous with butter!


Remember the creativity in progress pictures I recently posted? Well, I will have pictures soon because I am just about finished with my up-cycled shirt. Since I have a variety of wardrobe pieces that have seen me through many changes in size and shape over the last several years of having babies, not all of them are so appealing or flattering anymore. And some of them I am just tired of. But, in the interest of conserving money and physical resources, I am working on up-cycling some of my clothes. I am just finishing a redo of a shirt that I used to like and hopefully it will have a beautiful new life soon. So far I like it, it just needs a wash, press, and maybe a finishing touch or two.

    Otherwise our week was busy enjoying a lovely easter and some nice weather to be outside gardening in. The kids had fun dyeing eggs and Mr B got clever with one of his and created his own version of one of his favorite icons: the Divine Mercy. Isn’t he clever?

The Divine Mercy Easter Egg

The Divine Mercy Easter Egg

We didn’t get pictures of the fun, artistic desserts we made this year but here is fun one we tried a couple of years ago:

Anyone for carrot cake?

Anyone for carrot cake?

Honestly, the only thing I needed this year to enjoy my Easter was nice time enjoying my family, and a day of beautiful weather just topped it off! Here’s a shameless brag photo of my gorgeous children.

Beautiful Easter Kids

Beautiful Easter Kids

And just to leave you with a bit of a laugh: we are now 5 for 5, with all our little cubs enjoying climbing into the doggie crate as babies. Mr G got in there the other day and thought he was so funny. Unfortunately the funny quickly disappeared when he realized that he couldn’t stand up inside it without bumping his noggin against the top. At least I got a cute picture before the tears started. 🙂

Silly baby - crates are for puppies!

Silly baby – crates are for puppies!

I would love to hear what frugal tips you have to share, or what projects you might be trying. Feel free to comment – I really am interested!

peace and health,



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