Personal Paradise Tuesday – The impending storm and a need fulfilled

My personal paradise

My personal paradise

Whew!! I am tired. A late night at work and a busy day of activity and running around makes this mama exhausted. But at least it is a good kind of tired that comes after a day well spent enjoying my little ones and doing the things a mama should do. My lovely Miss S is enjoying her experiences with lacrosse this season and tonight she had a practice – after a fund raiser dinner and a day spent on fun with friends and some lesson work. A very busy day but much accomplished. I was particularly pleased with myself that I stuck the 2 little boys in the stroller and hustled my tail around the walking path around the field during practice for some good exercise.

Got ball?!

Got ball?!


By the time Miss S’s practice was almost over I found myself all but running with the big jog stroller since there were black, looming clouds bearing down upon us and the fields! At least I got my heart rate up. 🙂 I could have gotten stressed out about the storm brewing, or felt grumpy about the practice being ended early for the weather. What pleases me about this turn of events was that on this tired day we were able to get home just a few minutes early. We avoided getting rained on, I was able to get the littles to bed a bit early, spent a little time talking with my girl, and had some time to sit in silence on my couch and catch up on a few things for myself. Just what I needed!

Sometimes the storm strips us down, but sometimes it fulfills a need – whether we were aware of it or not! What turn of events lead you to something you really needed? And was it something you would have realized if the situation hadn’t demanded it? Share with us your need met. 🙂

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