Sunset Saturday Café – Our new arrivals!!

Beautiful spring flowers!

Beautiful spring flowers!


I promised a spring picture didn’t I? While it is not my deck café picture for spring, it will definitely do the job and it makes me smile! We have battled a bit of illness this week so hopefully our spring picture will be updated soon but this says everything I want to see right now.

We have spent the last week and a half welcoming our new additions. The chicks are here!! We are the proud new family for one Rhode Island Red and two Plymouth Barred Rock chicks. They are super cute and cuddly and the sound of their chirping makes spring just permeate the house. Yes, they are in the house right now. They are way too tiny for living outside yet so they are currently housed in the work room in the basement. When they get a bit bigger they can move out to the garage but for now they have to stay a bit closer. After that we will begin the process of moving them out to the coop but it will have to get quite a bit warmer at night before that can happen. So without further ado, let the cute chick pics begin!

So cute and fluffy!

So cute and fluffy!






The oldest with his downy new friend. :)

The oldest with his downy new friend. 🙂













They both look sweet dont they?

They both look sweet dont they?








We had a bit of fun. Choo, Choo!

We had a bit of fun. Choo, Choo!













This week’s goal will be to make sure that we are caught up on household stuff since our Spring Break is the week after this coming one. That way we can do some serious projects while Mr Hubby is home. I’m looking forward to both having some fun progress and spending a bunch of time together. Share with us: have you any spring projects looming? Inspire us with your goals and creativity!

peace and health,








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