Personal Paradise Tuesday – 3 ways to enjoy a sick child

My personal paradise

My personal paradise

What a lovely day we were supposed to have yesterday! We had a great day trip planned and everyone was excited. I figured we would be gone from home until late last evening. Alas, when the child’s “car sickness” turned out not to be car sickness at all, but a longer lasting stomach upset – the plans shift quickly. So instead of spending the day at one of our favorite museums, we spent most of the day traveling to and from, about an hour there (half of that with poor Mr B in the bathroom being ill), and a bit of time on the side of the road for sick moments or clean up. Sigh.

But in the spirit of finding the good out of the not so good, there are things that are nice with sick kids.

1. You get to lavish them with attention. – Sometimes I get busy and forget to hug and kiss and pamper them enough. But when they are sick I always try and do everything I can to make them comfortable and happy.

2. The let you kiss them more. – Perhaps this is more of an issue with boys, but my kids don’t sit still to long for kisses and snuggles after a certain age. At least when they are sick they are more stationary and don’t seem to mind the physical affection.

3. They get a bit of rest and you might get something done around the house. – I know my kids are usually so busy that they can get a little worn out. At least when they are sick they get a chance to lay down and rest, and maybe read a good book or too. Depending on the type of sick and how many are sick, sometimes if I am stuck at home I sometimes have a chance to catch up on something like folding laundry, cooking, or reading. Of course that sometimes doesn’t work out but at least there is a chance.

My oldest squeeze-loving my youngest. Aren't they sweet together?

My oldest squeeze-loving my youngest. Aren’t they sweet together?

I’m sure there are other benefits that others might think of. Of course we don’t want to see our little ones sick or hurting but it is nice to see the small good points when it would otherwise be a lousy time. Do you have any tricks for seeing good through sickness?

Peace and health,



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