Sunset Saturday Café – Bilingual progress and outdoor fun

Join me for a warm drink?

Join me for a warm drink?

Guess what? It’s almost time to change my Sunset Saturday Café picture!! I know that is technically spring now and today’s weather is much warmer here but I’m waiting until next week to change the photo because we are still slotted for at least one more day of cold this week. But I promise by next week I will be in the swing of spring.

This was a pretty good week for us here. Yesterday we went on an adventure that involved an old friend, some beautiful gardens, a hike in the woods (some of it in the rain – oops!), and some cool progress on our journey towards bilingualism. For those of you who don’t know, I am a french language learner and the children are learning right alongside me. My goal is to use the One Parent One Language(OPOL) technique – as much as I can – so someday the children and I will only speak french to each other. We also stopped by the Bonjour Mama Bookshop in Kensington. It is a wonderful place and the owner, Jennifer, was so welcoming and lovely and made us feel right at home. If you are ever in the area you should pop in and see it. If you can’t get there, check out her website:

So with Mr T it is not surprising that he is probably the most flexible with languages since he is so young. I was tickled to hear him the other day ask for “the french musique, Mama”. I love that he was able to insert the french word for music even though he can’t get the whole sentence out in french yet. All of the children can understand the basics of what I say when talking about some of the stuff around the house but Mr T had another cool french moment this morning. I told him in french that he needed to take a bath tonight. I wasn’t sure if he really knew the word for bath and I was hoping that he would understand the whole sentence. Well, he looked at me and said: “I’m going to play in the bath?” Yay! He might not be starting out his own sentences in french yet but he understands and will repeat when I ask him! It makes me feel like this crazy effort just might pay off!

So here are a couple pictures from our adventures yesterday. Have a great week everyone!


Checkout the cool bench at Brookside Gardens!

Checkout the cool bench at Brookside Gardens!


Look Mama - I can fly!!

Look Mama – I can fly!!


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  1. Bonjour Jennifer! I’m so sorry I missed this until now and thank you so much for posting such a nice comment about me!! It was a pleasure to have you and you are welcome back anytime — merci beaucoup! Great blog, by the way!!
    Jennifer (Bonjour Mama)


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