Personal Paradise Tuesday – Of Barbies and Magic

My personal paradise

My personal paradise

I feel like I haven’t been here on Tuesdays in a while but I guess life is just running away with me as usual. I know everyone in my geographical area is sick to smithereens of the ice, snow, and cold. Today and yesterday can easily be dubbed “Paradise” because of the fabulously mild weather! I, for one will be outside at least some of today with my littles enjoying what warmth and sunshine I can before we get another blast of cold.


My melty garden bed - it's going to need a lot of work soon!

My melty garden bed – it’s going to need a lot of work soon!


Here's some of our damage :(

Here’s some of our damage 😦

But while I can claim the weather as a paradise moment, I think I will take this day a bit further and reflect on something else. As a homeschooling mama of many I am always pressed for time and we are always looking to “get through” a bunch of tasks, assignments, or projects. It all the hubbub of daily life it is so easy to forget how to connect with my kids on their level and try to enjoy the things they enjoy just for the sheer joy of sharing something together. Each of my children have different interests and of course many times I don’t have the passion for the same things they do. Miss S is a lover of dolls and barbies, for example, while Mr B really enjoys all things dragon and fantasy. It manifests with him right now through origami and fantasy based card games like Magic, the Gathering. I am blessed to have recently been reminded of how important it is to share my kid’s interests. Not because I really love barbies or Magic cards, but because my children do and if I care about them then it means a lot to engage with them and show them that I love them enough to participate in their favorite activities.

Doesn't she look elegant?

Doesn’t she look elegant?


So Miss S and I have recently had a little barbie time and I even spent some of my evening after she went to bed repairing a few barbie outfits that had gotten a bit torn from much loving use. And my sweet Mr B has been sharing with me the complicated world of Magic cards. He was super excited when I got my hands of some additional cards that would make our games a bit easier to play (and run a little longer), so now he can take his time trouncing me!A little geeky but fun ;)

A little geeky but fun 😉


While I am not really personally fulfilled by the games we are playing themselves, I am immensely satisfied by the joy in my children’s faces when they realize that what matters to them, matters to me  – mainly because they matter to me. And all they really want is a piece of my time and attention to show them that I care and they are important to someone. It helps that we have a bunch of fun at the same time and sometimes there is even a little healthy competition. (Yes, I have won a couple of games of Magic!)

So look around if you can and see what you can engage in with the ones that you love. Have some good ideas? Share them with us if you will!


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