Personal Paradise Tuesday – Good times, right?

My personal paradise

My personal paradise

I have been reflecting a lot on this blog series about creating our personal paradise. It really is amazing how much we put off feeling fulfilled and happy in favor of waiting until we reach another point in our lives. Maybe it is getting married, or finding the right person to love. It could be moving to a new house or getting our dream job. It could be achieving a state of health, like reaching a level of fitness or a weight loss goal. All these things are wonderful but if we are just waiting until they happen then we are denying ourselves the life we have right now. Then the next logical question is, “What if these things never come to pass?” Is our life then meaningless or worth less? I venture to say, “Of course not!” But if we do not appreciate our life where it is then we are denying it worth and living a less full life.

“I used to always think that the good times were right around the corner. Now I’m happy with what I have – even if it’s not always perfect – which is a good place to be.”  -actress Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham (credit: wikipedia)

Lauren Graham (credit: wikipedia)

As a deep in the trenches perfectionist, this one can be hard for me to manage. But as I am growing in life I am trying to live a less “perfect” life and create a more satisfying, happy life. I think many of us just have to wrap our heads around the reality that Lauren Graham states so well: there is no “perfect” life, and a life that is enjoyed and well lived is as much perfection as anyone ever really needs. Hence the term “Personal Paradise”. It might not be someone else’s idea of paradise, but OWN your life. Find meaning and beauty, and appreciate what you have and who you share it with. And Smile!!


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