Personal Paradise Tuesday – Eggsellent!!

My personal paradise

My personal paradise

After slipping and sliding our way through the past couple of weeks, I am finally catching up here and I’m hoping you all are warm and safe despite the crazy weather you might have encountered. We have been so busy this past week outside that I have some catching up to do with everyone here in this bloggy space. But aside from many, many branches down, and shoveling thousands of pounds of snow and ice, we are all safe, warm, and healthy.

Our excitement for the paradise moment this week is homestead related. After months and months of tending and caring for our cute feathered friends, our chickens have recently, finally, decided to start earning their keep by laying eggs!! I can’t tell you how cute it is to see how excited the kids are to find eggs in the hen house and bring them in to the house and show off. Now we can officially say that we are producing a little more than just vegetation from our little homestead and it is very satisfying. So while we may still be buried under a ton of ice and snow, at least we have fresh eggs to remind us of the warmer weather to come when our little piece of earth will produce many more good things!

Our first egg!

Our first egg!



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