Sunset Café Saturday – Slip and slide week!

Join me for a warm drink?

Join me for a warm drink?

Oh my what a week! For those of us in the mid-atlantic east coast we have been struck again by yucky weather. This time it was a nasty ice storm that had power out, trees down, and schools and businesses closed for a bit. We fared better than some but we do have quite a mine field of downed branches outside. But we are warm, dry, and together. 🙂

It certainly is beautiful!

It certainly is beautiful!

One of the things about homeschooling is that ‘snow days’ for schools don’t apply. So some of our week was ‘school’ as usual. The rest of the week we laid low but I was reminded again last night of why we homeschool and how it is so organic to our lifestyle. We were watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and without a hint from me Mr B and Miss S pulled out our world map and were looking for each country on the map as they marched out in the Parade of Nations. (Thanks go to my wonderful, wise Aunt Tina for giving the suggestion of keeping the big maps under the couch for easy access!) What do you say? Olympic geography? Sounds like a great exercise to me.

This week we will continue our clean up but my focus is thankfulness. I have spent a lot of time this week thinking about how complacent we can get with all of our many blessings. I know I take so much for granted: electricity at the touch of a finger, warmth in winter, good food and clean water, great health care all around me. We are truly blessed. I was also reminded of our blessings when listening to an article on NPR. The reporter was talking to woman who was living in a Salvation Army shelter. She was talking about how she missed being able to go to the grocery store, buy her own groceries, and put them away in her own kitchen cabinets. She also said how when she did have a home she would often grumble about doing the weekly grocery shopping. Now- not so much! What a lovely reminder for me! How lovely it is to be able to do these things!

So I will continue through the week being more mindful and thankful for all of the crazy blessings we have. My challenge to you for this week is simply that – thankfulness. I know that I talk a lot about this topic here but I really do believe that it is one of the secrets to happiness. So be thankful, be happy, and share your blessings with others – here in the comments and in real life.


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