Sunset Café Saturday – Can the answer be as simple as a new nail polish?

Join me for a warm drink?

Join me for a warm drink?

This past week has been a pretty good one for us. With our Mr T feeling better we have had a more normal week. That also means getting back to the usual routine and since our usual routine is in flux at the moment that means it has been an interesting week. We are re-vamping some of our homeschool routine to fit our needs better, and during this process we have been working on some fun projects. I have to say that I really enjoyed having some quality time with my sewing machine and also with some power tools. I will hopefully soon be sharing the project that Miss S and I are working on, but here is a tease to keep you guessing –

What pretties could these be?

What pretties could these be?

I have been chatting with several friends lately that seem to be feeling a little stuck in the everyday monotony of life. Feeling that way myself a bit I have been wondering if it is something in the water, or a freak condition local to the people I hang out with. 🙂 What I do believe is that it is probably partly due to a bit of cabin fever from all this crazy cold weather, and partly due to the fact that with little kids, monotony can happen! So my solution for these doldrums is to change things up a bit. I hope to have some more fun with crafting and I am also trying to not get so hung up on the usual stuff that gets to me.

The thing that is really cool about changing your routine is that it really doesn’t take much to make a difference. Miss S and I worked on her project for about 5 minutes day before yesterday, and about an hour and a half today. But with just that little bit, she feels great and excited, and I feel accomplished and am viewing myself as the “cool mama” who does neat projects with her kids. Even if it is just taking a 10 minute bath instead of a shower, or trying a new nail polish color, we can pick ourselves up and freshen our perspective.

Now I know that a new nail polish isn’t going to fix the greater problems in life, but sometimes a fresh perspective can brighten enough of the road for us the see the next intersection. So today I am raising my coffee mug to the view ahead and I hope that you will join me in saluting whatever encouragement we can find in order to keep ourselves moving in whatever direction we belong in! Cheers!


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