Personal Paradise Tuesday – “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a – computer??”

   Yesterday I put Mr T in to nap. He goes to bed most days in the afternoons but he often just plays quietly (or not some much!) without actually sleeping. Yesterday was no exception. When I get him up he often has some crazy game or idea happening. This time I opened the door, he looked up, and grinned. “Look mama, I have our computers and we can play on them together!” After the first quizzical look I see that he has two hard-covered picture books that he has turned sideways and is opening toward him so it mimics a laptop. Aha! So we got him out of bed and he promptly took our “computers” to the couch where we proceeded to “type” on them and have some fun.

   There are many recommendations for how toddlers and preschoolers should spend their time. No screen time, lots of outside time, lots of being read to. And may people advocate for the benefits of being bored. I am a big fan of a little boredom going a long way. Because they have time to relax their minds and let them wander, the kids also have a chance to use their imaginations to create and entertain themselves. So Mr T was thinking about something and was able to create something fun out of an everyday object.

Little boys creating!

Little boys creating!

  Many, many hours of my childhood I spent playing any number of imaginary games. It remains a very good series of memories for me. One of the things that I wish for my children is that they will be able to create things that will make them happy. I hope they will be able to spend time living in the world of  their own creations and becoming comfortable with filling empty space with their own imagination. I truly think that this is the stuff of healthy abilities when they are adults. So I encourage the crazy, silly inventions and try to remember to play along when I can.

It is amazing what a 3 year old brain can invent, isn’t it?

Today I will try to create something imaginative for myself and I hope to continue to see my children doing the same. Will you see something different in an everyday object? Or a new way of doing something?


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