Personal Paradise Tuesday – Dream Date

This week I am reveling in the wonderful man I married and the relationship he and our daughter have. With having only one girl amidst a sea of little boys it is extra important that Miss S gets some daddy/daughter time every once in a while. We frequently encounter people who pronounce our girl as “the princess” when they find out the gender split of our children. I tend to find the princess mentality a bit overdone in our culture at this point and sincerely try to avoid the label. So those comments are not particularly helpful when trying to raise a strong, capable girl. Of course with that being said, there is nothing wrong with a bit of girly dress up and fun. Last week hubby took our little girl to the “Me and My Guy” Girl Scout dance. Miss S. loves the opportunity to get dolled up in her prettiest dress, have her hair done in a fancy up-do by mama, and act like a little lady on the town. I think a lot of the daddies and grandpas probably find the night a bit tedious but it is wonderful to see them make their girls so happy and have fun.


Daddy and Daughter night on the town!

Daddy and Daughter night on the town!

The real beauty of this experience is that while this may not be an adult’s view of the perfect evening out, my little girl will grow up with fantastic memories of not just the event, but how special she felt in the company of the important men in her life. She will feel beautiful, valued, and special. She will know that these men care for her and make an effort to make her happy, which will help her when she wants to develop healthy adult relationships. These are all the invaluable experiences that I had with my own father that helped me feel like a person of value and importance. And someday, when she realizes how her Daddy and PopPop may have felt silly doing the chicken dance or the hokey pokey, she will realize even more how much they cared to give her a night of happiness.

Do you have a beautiful moment from your week? Tell us all and let us celebrate our gifts together!


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