Sunset Café Saturday

join me for a warm drink?

join me for a warm drink?


Today I can finally deliver on my promise of a review of our Turkey Trot! We all had a lot of fun in spite of this mama being very tired. My little Mr. K and I stuck together and I am quite proud of his results for his first 5K ever: 43 minutes! Not bad for a mere 7 year old. 🙂 Our Thanksgiving was filled with nice family time and very yummy food. Of course the past 2 weeks have been a bit busy and I have been working extra hard to keep up with the usual household task. I think I have now caught up and all I have left is to get ready for Christmas. Yikes, the time is just flying!

We are a family that tends to decorate for Christmas a bit later than most but I’m realizing that it is a good thing for the pocketbook. Most decorations are 50% off already! So the fabulous hubby put lights up on the house last night and I scored a few awesome decor items at the thrift store for just a few dollars. I even picked up a couple of tiny artificial trees so the children can have their own mini Christmas trees in their bedrooms. I’ve always wanted to do that for them and I’m glad that we will finally achieve this fun experience.

This week’s goal is to finish planning, shopping, cleaning, and decorating for the holidays. The idea is to get all the major steps done so that we can focus on fun projects and family fun for the rest of the season/break. So what do you have left? Any tried and true tips for holiday prep with out going crazy? Hopefully some of you are a bit further ahead than I am but if not, the real goal is to just relax and get done what you can without driving yourself or your family crazy. Possible? Yes. Let’s see how we do!


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