Personal Paradise Tuesday – Is your wardrobe special?

Think of someone who you admire for their fashion sense. Someone who you find beautiful in a unique and creative way, or someone who seems to always be attractively accessorize. That is what I am thinking about this week. We have been a wee bit cold around here since a patch of very windy wintry weather hit us. So out came the coats, mittens, and hats! Well, I happen to have a favorite winter hat and although it is not everyone’s vision of beauty, it is cute, warm, comfortable, and best of all – it was handmade for me with love.

My fun hat!

My fun hat!

     So I pulled on my hat again this year and it got me thinking about what we wear, and why, and how it contributes to our overall style. When I see people with a look that I like and I try to break down what I like about it, I am often struck by how it is frequently simple pieces put together in a tasteful way with a few special elements that lend the air of beauty or quality. It can be a cute scarf and slim belt, or a fabulous boot with simple jeans, or even a special piece of jewelery.

Check out this adorable ensemble!

       Of course as a mama I am constantly being challenged to make the effort to not fall into a frump mentality. It does take a bit of effort to not just slip into the comfy fleecy pants or the yoga pants all the time. So when I put my cute hat on, I got to thinking about what I have in my wardrobe that can contribute to my style even though I am in that awkward phase where most of my clothes don’t fit quite the way I’d like them to. 😉 I am fortunate to have several beautiful items that have either been gifted to me or made for me by the wonderful crafty people who I know. For example, I have a few gorgeous shawls that my mother or sister have knitted for me. I also have a few pieces of family heirloom jewelery or items that people have created. I also have recently invested in some very inexpensive but cute hair accessories that will help keep me from the dreaded everyday ponytail!

My sister's talented stitching on my beautiful shawl :)

My sister’s talented stitching on my beautiful shawl 🙂

Therefore, I don’t have to have a large, expensive wardrobe to look attractive. I can simply mix and match my special items to accent what I do have that looks good and fits and I can present a lovely expression of myself to the world. And you can too! What items do you have in your closet or in your jewelery box that can jazz up your style? Wear them, enjoy them, and revel in how good it will make you feel!


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