Sunset Café Saturday – It’s Thanksgivikkah!!

back deck photo

I hope you all had a good week. We have spent the week trying to get ahead a bit so we can all enjoy a bit more time off this coming week. I think the entire clan at Rising Eden is really looking forward to enjoying some extra family fun and time for fun projects.

Next week will be a bit more special than other Thanksgivings have been. Not only do we get to count our blessings with a good bit of our extended family (and eat ourselves silly!), but Hanukkah begins the night before Thanksgiving this year. Now that may not sound super exciting but it is for a very good reason. The Jewish lunisolar calender and the standard Gregorian calender are calculated differently so the Jewish holidays vary in date from year to year. This year is the first time that this coinciding of holidays has happened for over 100 years.) But more importantly, it will not happen for at least another 76,000 years! So we will have some fun prepping our Thanksgiving feast while eating latkes and spinning the dreidel. 🙂 Perhaps we will even make a Menurkey.

The Menurkey

The Menurkey (photo credit:

And just to keep ourselves a little balanced in all the eating frenzy – 2 of my sisters, 3 of my children, and I, will be running in a turkey trot 5k the morning of Thanksgiving. How about you all? Are you looking to fill up, be fit, or a bit of both? Share any special plans you have for celebrating what you have been given. And don’t forget to love each other!


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