Bien Sûr!!

Do you ever feel like you don’t want to deal with anymore bad behavior from your kids? Or even get to the point of wanting to hang them out the window by their toenails? We are so there this week! I don’t know if all mamas feel like me, but on the days when my children pluck my nerves all day, it can be hard to feel very loving and snuggly towards them. And after a long day of “don’t do that!” or “stop that!”, it can be very difficult to say “yes” to our lovely offspring.

So after a long day of “no”, “stop”, and “don’t” recently I was feeling like a broken record and my children were getting as prickly as myself. Somehow, I managed to find the grace to actually see one of my little boy’s hearts in his eyes and I realized that he needed a bit of love and encouragement. Wonderfully, the next question he asked me was: “Mama, may I have a hug?”. Of course my mama’s heart melted and I said “Of course”. But as some of you might know we are working on becoming a multilingual household. So I said it in french! “Bien sûr!” It was then that I realized that my children need more “Bien sûr” from me. Sometimes we get so hung up on what we don’t want to deal with, or what we don’t want them to do, that we forget to yes as often as we can. But imagine how you would feel if you heard nothing but “no” all day long. So I am trying to respond positively to my children’s requests as often as possible. And as a result, they are looking at me with new eyes and a more pleasant attitude!

Try it in your home and tell me how it works. You may find that it just might stop you from hanging your children out the window!

Isn't he the cutest?!

Isn’t he the cutest?!


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