Personal Paradise Tuesday

I just can’t help myself. I have to make my paradise moment seasonal again today. I just love autumn! I am thinking today particularly about food. I feel so lucky to live in a time and a place where we have access to such a variety and abundance of good food. Not only do we live in a country that has plenty of land and good weather to grow good stuff for our tummies, but we personally live on a gorgeous piece of property where we can putter and plant to our hearts content in order to have healthier, less expensive bounty. Not only that, but when we moved here to our Eden we found a variety of wonderful things already growing from the previous residents. What a bonus!

Just a little of our beautiful garden!

Just a little of our beautiful garden!

In addition to the larger geographical benefits, I also consider myself pretty fortunate to live near enough to a major city for the advantages of the larger and more varied selections from the grocers in our area. I can indulge in my culinary adventures easily with the availability of special ingredients should I want them. While I do try to food shop frugally, I’m glad to know that should anyone in my family ever develop special food needs, I have many options at my disposal. Of course my foodie experiments tend to be more geared toward taste and fun. And sometimes we get unexpected surprises. Have you ever been stared back at by a muffin after taking a bite?

Have you seen the muffin man??

Have you seen the muffin man??

Of course let’s not forget the fact that food can be practical and decorative! Have you gone through a corn maze? Or taken shelter under a grape arbor? There are so many fun or beautiful things that can be done this time of year. I think one of my favorites we found at a local farm that does amazing corn mazes and seasonal fun. This ‘tipi’ is enormous – it can comfortably fit at least 12 men!

Isn't this a great playhouse?

Isn’t this a great playhouse?

So in the interest of the pleasure of our taste buds, I will leave you with a link to a delicious recipe for using up any of the plethora of apples that may be around at this time of year. Please share your favorite fall recipe in the comments  – and happy eating!!

Crockpot Baked Apples – via Tasty Kitchen:


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