Back in the saddle again…

So this quirky phrase has some meaning for me this past weekend. My wonderful Mr. B has been patiently waiting for me to have recovered from having birthed the hefty Mr. G enough that I can go on a bike ride of some significance. Finally, on Saturday we headed out before the rain came and took a nice “easy” ride of about 4 miles. Of course we didn’t take into account the hills that were present on the stretch of road we chose so our “easy” ride turned into a leg burning workout that was slightly more that even my eager son was prepared for. But this did serve one very good purpose: to point out how much work I have to do! In short, it is time for me to get my proverbial tush back on my bike saddle and get in shape!

I have done many things over the years for fitness so cycling is just one but I am definitely ready to ditch the rest of the baby weight and get back to lean and strong mama. This week I will begin my strength routine and I suppose I should run a bit since the 3 bigger kids and I will be doing a turkey trot on Thanksgiving. None of us has done any real running lately but this has become a tradition, of sorts, over the last few years to do this turkey trot with my older kids and my older sister.

So if you happen to see me huffing and puffing around the neighborhood, or limping with sore muscles around town, be kind and I will hopefully be sporting my new and improved physique soon. 🙂


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