The musical longing of a toddler

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love music? I don’t think I do, and I am certainly a great music lover. One of my few regrets from my childhood is that I didn’t really learn to play an instrument very well. I would love to play the violin, the cello, or the piano. Of course one can always learn so I am slowly making my way through a beginning piano book and maybe someday my firstborn will teach me the guitar. But I digress…

So Mr B plays guitar, Miss S is learning the piano, Mr K is learning some basic drumming, and Mr T – is feeling left out. I was feeling very pleased with my boys when they pooled their efforts in a guitar and drum duet the other day. It was especially sweet when they were running out of the room and I heard them talking excitedly about how they could get Miss S involved on the piano next time. So then I realized that Mr T would be very sad to be left out of such a musical event. Yesterday I only had a few minutes to spare but I found an old container with a lid and got the little one out of his nap for some crafty happiness.

And a few minutes later – voila!


Now my sweet toddler can partake in the next concert with his siblings with his brand new rice shaker instrument, made and decorated by his own talented self!

Sometimes it is hard to make enough time to do what we consider small things, but it is important to remember that these are the activities that please our little ones and bond them to us. Think about your own childhood. I’d venture to guess that there is at least one memory that you can recall that has significance for you but when viewed from an adult perspective, it is probably not something that you would have thought would have been important. Example: I have immensely fond memories of visits to a cafeteria in a store that I think was Kmart. What I consider a bonding moment with my mother and sisters was probably an exhausted shopping trip for my mother. But I felt her attention and her love in those moments. Nothing spectacular in the event, just in the relationship. So find those moments and create the memories that your children will later thank you for. It doesn’t have to be big, just focus on them and show them your love. 🙂


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