Are you the CEO of your family?


“Spend part of every day actively encouraging the behavior that you want to reinforce. I believe the definition of CEO needs to be expanded to stand for ‘chief encouragement officer.’ Encouragement and enthusiasm start at the top whether you run the local PTA or a Fortune 500 company”

-from Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders by Joel Manby

What an amazing sentiment!! I think that this quote can be applicable to many roles and jobs in our lives but how thrilling this is when applied to family life. I would say that I do often think of myself as the CEO of my family, but I mean in the ways that I pay the bills, manage everyone’s schedules, make and serve meals, organize appointments – you get the idea. But what a different view occurs when you change the meaning of those three initials! Now I picture the role as completely different and I bet I can improve my performance. It is often said that if you want to see improvement or change, you have to speak the goals into action. So what areas of life do you need to offer encouragement? Perhaps you have a spouse who is struggling with dissatisfaction in their job. Or maybe your teenager is feeling like he or she doesn’t fit in with their friends. Or maybe you have a little one who is still learning to master basic household routines. Either way, try this week to start and end the day with as much encouragement as you can muster and see if by the end of the week your loved one is feeling better about life – and themselves. No doubt you will feel good too! (And don’t forget an extra kiss or hug)


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2 Responses to Are you the CEO of your family?

  1. Stephen Pohl says:

    You grandfather once informed me that the primary reponsiblity of a ship’s captain was crew morale.


  2. risingeden says:

    He was a wise man!


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