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Personal Paradise Tuesday – Is your wardrobe special?

Think of someone who you admire for their fashion sense. Someone who you find beautiful in a unique and creative way, or someone who seems to always be attractively accessorize. That is what I am thinking about this week. We … Continue reading

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Sunset Café Saturday – It’s Thanksgivikkah!!

I hope you all had a good week. We have spent the week trying to get ahead a bit so we can all enjoy a bit more time off this coming week. I think the entire clan at Rising Eden … Continue reading

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Bien Sûr!!

Do you ever feel like you don’t want to deal with anymore bad behavior from your kids? Or even get to the point of wanting to hang them out the window by their toenails? We are so there this week! … Continue reading

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Personal Paradise Tuesday

I just can’t help myself. I have to make my paradise moment seasonal again today. I just love autumn! I am thinking today particularly about food. I feel so lucky to live in a time and a place where we … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle again…

So this quirky phrase has some meaning for me this past weekend. My wonderful Mr. B has been patiently waiting for me to have recovered from having birthed the hefty Mr. G enough that I can go on a bike … Continue reading

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Sunset Café Saturday

     Well I’m back on my deck to check in while I enjoy my mug of goodness. This was a busy week for the Rising Eden clan. Mostly just the usual routine but I was stuck doing a bunch … Continue reading

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The musical longing of a toddler

Do you know anyone who doesn’t love music? I don’t think I do, and I am certainly a great music lover. One of my few regrets from my childhood is that I didn’t really learn to play an instrument very … Continue reading

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